The philosophy of NEXT Exclusives

Our way of working is based on personal attention, craftsmanship, and quality. We believe in providing a collection of cars that guarantee exclusivity. Our aim is to offer service, peace of mind, and trust, based on a mutual understanding. We believe that we should be a perfect match so that we can meet again for your next luxury automobile, exclusive sports car, or supercar. To ensure this, we always strive to exceed your expectations. After all, buying your dream car should be an automotive celebration.

Wide range of services

Whether you’re looking for the perfect sports car or a premium daily driver, or if you want to consign or sell your current exclusive car, NEXT Exclusives is the place to be. We offer a wide range of services that provide fitting answers to all your automotive needs.

Sales and purchases

At NEXT Exclusives, we not only sell the world’s most exclusive investment and sports cars, but we are also interested in buying them. So if you own something truly special, we would be more than happy to add it to our inventory. With NEXT Exclusives, you can be confident that the entire sales process is in trusted hands. We go above and beyond to find a new partner for your old love.

Top-Quality Service

Since day one, NEXT Exclusives has been synonymous with reliability. Our luxury automobiles, exclusive sports cars, and supercars are in excellent condition. However, in the event that your car needs repairs or regular maintenance, we stand by our customers with advice and assistance. As you would expect from NEXT Exclusives, we only work with the best and most reputable specialists. They perform all forms of maintenance and repairs to ensure that your car remains in top condition.

Guaranteed Quality

Many companies talk about it; we actually do it: taking care of our customers. We provide a standard 3-month guarantee on every car we sell. By working in this way, we can ensure that you can fully enjoy your newly acquired possession. Additional warranty is also possible; we are open to discussing and meeting your needs and requirements.

Good to know: we only sell authentic cars with a traceable mileage, without a history of damage, and with verifiable history.

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